вторник, 15 септември 2009 г.

Welcome to my Bloooog;)

Hey guys, this is my first attempt at creating a blog for all my friends. I am probably not doing a great job , or not yet at least. I am at my school's computer lab and unfortunately i do not have a lot of time left. It is my first school day of senior year, it has been pretty exciting so far. They mix the sections so you get new people in your section each year. Its almost like gambling either you get really lucky and you will have fun all year long with your friends , or you get stuck with some people you do not know . I saw my schedule after i got late to school today and stayed in the wrong English classroom for like twenty minutes until I figured out there was this other guy with the same first name as me. I met my new English teacher who kind of made me do this blog. At first I was skeptical , but to be honest it is really fun. Well, there it is - saved by the bell.

Vassil Stefanov