неделя, 24 януари 2010 г.


To be honest, when I heard from my teacher Ms.Potash that we had to do an internet portfolio and keep working on it throughout the whole semester, I was very skeptical. However, now that I finished it , I have different views about it. Even though, I had to work very hard to organize it and complete all of the assignments , the sense for accomplishment that is engulfing me while I'm writing this reflection is priceless. I had a lot of fun while creating it and I had the chance to interact with people outside of my school -mostly with Joshua , who's poems I really liked. I often found myself reading other people's portfolios and comparing my work to theirs or simply admiring which has been both educational and amusing.

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  1. I like the way you tell your stories. Very descriptive and understandable. I like the story with your friend and his sister. Very nice!!