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Harry Potter Series Book Review

Harry Potter is the protagonist in J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter series, an English author famous for her children’s fantasy literature. He along with his friends, Hermione and Ron, possess magical powers and are a part of a secret society of magicians. Harry’s parents were killed by a dark magician called Voldemort or “"You-Know-Who", a pseudonym acquired thanks to the fear and terror he unleashed. Only an ancient spell fueled by the love of Harry’s parents was able to protect him and accidentally put an end to Voldemort’s reign. Forced to live with his revolting muggle, or ordinary people without magical powers, relatives, Harry felt left out and desperate until the Hogwarts School of Magic contacted him and allowed him to be a part of the secret society. The plot is mainly organized around Voldemort’s return and lust for revenge. However, the simple “hero versus villain” routine is intertwined with morals and stories disguised by enchanting magic which makes these books unique and great. J.K. Rowling has made a perfect job in recreating a world and presenting the problems of the real word in it. From the beginning of the first book until the last sentence of the last book, I was completely lured by the magical connotation and felt a part of a different, yet realistic world. The series are in chronological order illustrating Harry’s transformation from an ignorant child to the most capable and famous wizard alive, the only one who could stop “You-know-who”.
I identify the story of Harry to be an allusion to the life of a teenager struggling with life which; even though veiled masterfully, makes the book entertaining and helps the addressed audience-namely that of children and teenagers, identify their problems with those of the characters.

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