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To be Great is to be Misunderstood

“To be Great is to be Misunderstood”

True greatness could be interpreted in many ways. Different people with their different values give different names to what they think exceptional. Some consider beauty equals greatness; others may think a graceful mind and soul is what really matters. People often believe that greatness is found where money, power, and fame exist. However, there is always one thing in common: great people seem to always end up misunderstood and lonely.
Greatness goes hand by hand with loneliness. People love to stand out, they long for others’ approval and attention. In the presence of an overpowering personality, however, ordinary people feel insignificant. They either worship or mock those who rise above the ordinary. Most frequently, they simply envy them.
True greatness tends to have its ups and downs the way everything does. It is all about taking sides. Sometimes people have the opportunity to choose between being average and therefore fitting well in the society they live in, or being more than that and lonely. Those who have the courage to want to be different simply live with their choice all along the way.
In the presence of a great person, all these ordinary people start feeling insignificant with their little imperfections that make them feel as if out of place. Nobody wants to feel small and neglected. People are only human at the end. They want it all: to be pretty, smart, rich, sometimes even famous. But since they cannot have it all, they eventually involuntary punish the ones that posses these qualities by simply isolating them, and leaving them alone and misunderstood.
People are only human. It is naïve to expect heroic deeds of them. It is unfair to them to expect to be understood. Being great in itself is supposed to be enough. However it is not. It will never be: that is the price of being great. In life, it all comes with strings attached.

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  1. I like your piece of writing.When i read it it made me think, which lately does not happen a lot. I like also the way you write and express your thoughs and ideas.=]